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4Life Supplements -  Science your Body can Recognise, Response & Remember

* Providing Support for your IMMUNE SYSTEM 

* Ancient Korean Effortless SKINCARE

* Vitality Increase & Wellbeing

Ordering is very simple and just a few clicks away! 

Free delivery  in The Netherlands. 


Onafhankelijke 4Life distributeur.

Leading the way in immune system science*

4Life Transfer Factor Science encompasses the research, technology, and innovation of products that educate your immune cells, supporting your immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats.Leading the way in immune system science* 

About Us

Belmar Rodriguez

store owner

Belswebshop is a straightforward ordering website for 4Life products with Transfer Factor and others. We are enthusiastic about the 4Life products from the USA. Unfortunately, this is not widely known in the Netherlands and we believe that this is unjustified.

To simplify this ordering and to improve product awareness, there is this website!. We strive for fast and short lines of communication with our customers.


We can give you a free email consultation about the application and use of the products prior to ordering. Ask if you are not sure.

Unfortunately, in the context of European legislation regarding health claims, we are not allowed to mention to the consumer what 4Life products, Colostrum products, etc, can be applied to, but we can answer your questions by phone.

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www.belswebshop.nl belswebshop@gmail.com

Slochterstraat 15, 9611CL, Sappemeer

KvK 82492301 VAT: NL003696863B82

Disclaimer 4LIFE:

The 4Life website explicitly states: The 4Life products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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